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Internet Marketing Savvy Call Center Solutions

callvista Internet Marketing Savvy Call Center Solutions callvista Internet Marketing Savvy Call Center Solutions


Interactive Voice Response (IVR):
At CallVista we have experience with several types of IVR applications to support our live-operator inbound call center services. We support over 15 types of applications, including name capture, forced pre-call messages, information delivery, menu routing, warm transfers, and others. We handle thousands of IVR calls every day. We have IVR capabilities on site through our ACD system in conjunction with live operator programs to assist clients in reducing costs associated with basic and/or repetitive call requests. We primarily utilize our IVR/VRU for front-end messages or call routing options. (i.e., press 1 for customer service, press 2 for sales, etc.)

Digital Recordings:
Every call that comes through CallVista’s center is stored digitally in a database. We use these recordings for quality control, as well as making continuing improvements in call quality. We are able to deliver call recordings to our clients on demand.

Call Transfers:
CallVista has various technologies to allow us to efficiently transfer calls in and out of our center.

Digital Recordings:
At CallVista we have a robust internal reporting system that can break down calls to the most granular of levels. We also develop custom reports for our clients on a regular basis to make sure that our customers are able to analyze and optimize their campaigns with us.


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